Born in Osaka, Japan.
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts And Music, BA in fine art,
2001 - 2005
Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Asuka Nirasawa has studied painting and printmaking at Tokyo University of The Arts.
Asuka has also long revelled in traveling between divergent worlds. Whenever she had the chance she explored the world to photograph, experience the diversity and talk to people. Such experiences opened up her creative mind wider and deeper, and was an immense source of inspiration for her paintings, drawings, photographic collages and graphic and textile designing as well. During these trips Asuka photographed and drew inspiration from graffiti in the streets of Roma, children wearing traditional clothes in Indonesia, the architecture in Amsterdam and even a banana tree in Thailand. But it was the mind-bogglingly colourful culture of India that especially caught her attention during her first trip to the country five years ago.
She was riveted by the country’s vivid colours, bold graphics, diversity, as well as by its deep rooted philosophy and dynamism. Influenced by both post modernism and Indian cultures, Asuka create scenes that are at once primitive yet sophisticated. But within her works, philosophy and colours play the central role and dull and vivid colors gusts like storm into the all works oddly recognizable forms. The works of Wangechi Mutu, Colors magazine by Oliviero Toscani, 19th century artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, structuralism by Jacques Lacan have been some of the biggest inspirations for her work. Asuka’s works are a visual treat and explode with energy and metaphors, with every element of the individual paintings replete with meaning. Her paintings offer glimpses of a vivid imagination, one that is innocent and yet sometimes grotesque and radical, living in chaos harbouring an alluring story waiting to be told.

-2013 TRANS_formation_migration,
          Gallery FIVE FORTY FIVE, Bangalore, India
-2009 conversation2, gallery at Las chicas AOYAMA,
          Tokyo, Japan
-2008 conversation1, Tally’s KOJIMACHI, Tokyo, Japan
-2004 CAKE project, artist show case,
          On sundays in Watarium museum, Tokyo, Japan

-2011 Roppongi KIMONO Festa, KIMONO art exhibition,
          ROPPONGI midtown, Tokyo, Japan
-2010 National KIMONO competition, NIJYO-castle,
          Kyoto, Japan
-2010 OOOO, Gallery OOOO, Kyoto, Japan
-2005 FAF art exhibition, Gallery GAN, Tokyo, Japan
-2004 HOKUROPANTS, Tokyo national university of
          fine art and music, Tokyo, Japan
-2002 Sandwich shoes, Tokyo national university of
          fine art and music, Tokyo, Japan

-2011 Dress art project “blue stream line” Osaka, Japan
-2010 facade art work "FOODS CONVERSARTION"
          for cafe MANDUKA, Tokyo, Japan
-2010 KIMONO art project “Modern RINPA” Kyoto, Japan
-2004 to 2006 “CAKE PROJECT”On Sundays,
          Tokyo, Japan

-2010 National KIMONO competition, 1st prize,
          NIJYO-castle, Kyoto, Japan
-2010 National KIMONO competition, 3rd prize,
          NIJYO-castle, Kyoto, Japan
-2004 FAF art exhibition, BLOG-MIND award,
          Gallery GAN, Tokyo, Japan

-2013 Deccan Chronicle newspaper, 21th Oct, India
-2013 "Pop culture meets tradition"
          Bangalore mirror newspaper, 15th Oct, India
-2010 about ASUKA NIRASAWA,
          u-stream WIWI TV, Japan
-2006 CAKE project,
          on PowerMac magazine January, Japan
-2005 CAKE project, on anan magazine November, Japan
-2005 CAKE project, on MDN magazine September, Japan