Cell Division
Cell Division, 952 cells
Cell Division, 2853 cells

また、アーウィン・シュレディンガーの What Is Life (1994)のコンセプトからもインスピレーションを得た。シュレディンガーの概念である「不調和の中の秩序」 -混沌的な性質を持ちつつも永続的なダイナミズムの中で調和を保ち構成される生物学的プロセス- を視覚的な体験を通じて示そうと試みた。

In progression to the concept of Cytokinesis, “Cell Division” expands exponentially in scale. These large scale works showcase two perspectives of a microscopic view of cells where one is of the original conglomerate of cells and is made up of thousands of dots meticulously hand-painted onto a canvas. The other, comprised of Shwe-Shwe fabric that has been cut into circular shapes and placed in a collage, represents a closer, ‘zoomed in’ perspective of the original cells created through paint in the first work.

The artist found inspiration from Erwin Schrodinger’s What Is Life, 1994, Nirasawa has manifested a visual experience of Schrodinger’s concept “order-within-disorder” which communicates the chaotic nature of the biological process resulting in harmonized constructed organism in perpetual dynamism.