the Mask
History is a myth agreed upon
A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies
texts in the box
original replica masks





I decorated African masks (which I bought at the street market in South Africa) with the rhinestones (fake diamonds made in China). The masks were put in luxury wood boxes with leather on velvet cloth. Inside the lid, the subtitle texts were printed with gold color silk-screen prints.

Replica masks covered by the replica diamonds: this project is a metaphor of dual fakes/lies. However, we have to think what is the between the truth and the lie? Also, what determines original or the fake?

For example, the mask has been used for the rituals, ceremonies in Africa. To wear mask makes people transform beyond human, also give them another personality. Still, certain tribal people in Africa use the exact same style of rituals as a few thousands years ago. The designs and purpose of masks still protected from their own secrets and it is not allowed for them to betray the rules. They never can tell the secret to anybody outside of community. Then, after all, nobody else the truth of the mask could be exposed to, except to tribal people inside a community. What is the way to know the border between truth or lie about the informations and knowledge of the masks: what we could see in the museum or in books is ambiguous? Unfortunately it is impossible for us to know what is the truth of the masks. Actually all literature about masks were written by the people outside of the original community so far. Is it too much to say that nobody could know the values of the original masks from Africa except African tribal people?

Picasso stole designs from the style of African art. He admitted it himself actually. He represented the designs to the world. The rich culture from Africa has mostly been represented through the context of Western culture, so far. Even more, the African design that we see nowadays, has already degenerated into other things not original to Africa.

Sometimes lies turn into the truth for long years. Also, the truth turn into lies. These lie and truth accumulations create history. The interaction between truth and lie will enrich your body and soul in your later life. Throughout time, context has been the most important aspect of art work; not the intrinsic value of the original object or even the fake material or the fake concept used to create it.