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- 5体の生物 -
これらの動物は、古代より西洋と東洋における、様々な象徴として扱われて来た。時に人間の精神世界の原型と見なされ、また宗教や儀式、諺に使われ、神聖なものとして邪悪なものとして。作品のタイトルにはダーウィンの「種の起原」(英語表記:origin of species)を拝借し、そこにvirtual(仮想)を付け加えた。生物は環境に応じてその性質を変化させ、環境に適応した個体だけが生き残る、というものである。つまり「自然に選択される」訳で、我々が「自然を選択する」わけではないのである。

The epidermis of organisms are discolored and assimilated into the color pattern of the background room. It is a mystery whether the animals were enlarged or trapped in a small room. Plump-like grains on the surface metaphorise eggs for the poikilothermic animals. An elephant is mythically decorated. Elsewhere, the grains create a new layer partially obscuring the space like a drawn ethereal curtain. The viewer can not enter the room. Living things draw us to touch, but here a barrier separates us from this virtual world. These five animals have been treated as symbols in Western and Oriental mythology since ancient times. It was sometimes regarded as a prototype of the human spiritual world and was used for religion, rituals, proverbs and as evil or sacred. In the title of the work Nirasawa borrowed the concept from Charles Robert Darwin "origin of species”, then she added the word “virtual”. An organism changes its property according to the environmental change. Only the species adapted to the environment survives. In other words, we won’t be able to "choose nature" but  we will be chosen by nature. A real room image and a virtual creature image are intertwined.  Like modern society, the virtual space and the real world mixes and is trapped in a box. We immerse ourselves into social media on a daily basis and adapt to the environment without being able to clearly perceive the boundary between virtual and reality.  Which of us will be selected by the environment? We will continue to respond to changes in order to preserve our species and we will assimilate into the environment in future, like these virtual five creatures.