Remembered ritual
Remembered ritual


I completed this work in the last few days of my first pregnancy. I started it with the intention of making a beautiful toy. After months of work, I was suddenly surrounded by 200 cushions created from African circular fabric. The work demanded to be brought to life. This I did by unifying the cushions in a perpetually moving organism with hair.
Hair has mystic qualities and symbolism in many cultures. Imagine the hair of the dead or of dolls growing - a transcendent link between the world of the dead and the living. This is why hair has a special place in tribal culture - it gives life to masks. Hair is a special part of the human body and a means of expressing individualism - each cushion is unique, with hair of subtly different colors and curls.
Immediately after combining the unique cushions and the hair, the work transformed into the expression of ritual with the solemnity of the history of human beings.