The work comprises of curves, intense color, and details that have images of energy and power of multiplying and the brutality of life. These elements are based on Nirasawa's two year long experience of life in India. Many images floated in her mind influenced by the striking colors and heady smells. She had conversations with her Inner voice, had feelings as if there was life after death and experienced a certain calmness and peace and quiet which she had never before experienced while in Japan. Nirasawa got into deep mediation and it gave me much inspiration and stimulation. The great weight of 5000 years of history showed her human dignity, spellbinding beauty, religion, poverty and problems that are surprisingly universal. Many contradictions would have harmony with strong color as if the protective acceptance that would remind her of things such as identity that could confirm her body and blood, memory, "life" is just simple material. Without her experiences in India, these works would not have been possible.

Creatures 7
2013 / acrylic on canvas / 122 × 122 cm
Creatures 6
2013 / acrylic on canvas / 122 × 122 cm
Creatures 4
2012 / photo collage, Ink, color pencil, pencil on Sirius paper / 52.7 × 43.8 cm
Creatures 1
2012 / color pencil, ink, pencil on Sirius paper / 54.6 × 74.9 cm
Creatures 2
2012 / color pencil, ink, pencil on Sirius paper / 52.7 × 43.8 cm
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