The work "incarnation" is based on the basic concept of Samsara in Buddhism. This body of work expresses the stage before being born and life after death. These creatures which are composed of a body of various motifs wander in the world after death and repeat the cycle of life and death continuously. This belief or thought about life after death is widely held and accepted across India and in fact is the basic concept for both Hinduism and Buddhism.  Death isn’t the end of everything. After death life starts afresh in another form which depends on deeds committed in the earlier life. A virtuous act brings good results while wrong deeds bring inferior life. And not just as a human but also as a plant, or animal. In retrospect, this thought is understandable when people are forced to lead a life of severe hardships and blame their misfortunes on a misdeed committed in an earlier existence.

Incarnation 1
2013 / pigment printing on Hahnemuhle canvas / 52 × 82.6 cm
Incarnation 2
2013 / pigment printing on Hahnemuhle canvas / 46 × 71.8 cm
Incarnation 3
2013 / pigment printing on Hahnemuhle canvas / 78× 66 cm
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